Live Storage Racking

For Pallets :

The Live storage racking for Pallets is a high-density system ideal for storing homogeneous pallets, and is suitable for warehouses where bothcontrolling stock turnover and saving space are critical. This compact structure incorporates slightly tilted roller beds on which unit loads slide.

There are two types of Drive-In for pallets:

  • Gravity flow: Ideal storage for FIFO (first in, first out) racking systems and in cases where stock turnover control is important. The racking facility has a loading area (highest) and an unloading area on the opposite end of the roller beds.
  • Push back: Ideal storage for LIFO (last in, first out) systems and in cases where the amount of references prevails over the volume of each reference (restricted on the number of pallets deep). The racking facility has a single loading/unloading area.


For Boxes :

The Live storage racking for Boxes (carton flow) is a high-density system for storing boxes or light products recommended where both controlling stock turnover and saving spaceare critical. Unit loads slide on slightly tilted pulley wheel ways at the different levels of lanes. These ways can be easily adapted in the cross direction to accommodate different unit loads.