Versatile :

  • Versatility: Adaptable to any space thanks to the height modularity and shelf size. The versatile system allows using as load level the metallic shelves and the chippboard panels.
  • High performances: The beams and cros-beams used exert a reinforcement effect that increases the Ar metallic shelves load capacity up to 280 kg per level.
  • Sturdiness: Achieving great rigidity for the whole structure without any need to use any other additional anchoring system.



Bolted Metal Kit :

  • Versatile: Adaptable to any areas due to the wide range of deck sizes and the ability to place decks at different heights.
  • Rigid: Highly rigid shelving system using bolts and bracing brackets.
  • Useful, practical and inexpensive




Boltless Chipboard Rack :

  • Highly Rigid:Mini rack providing high stability and load capacity.
  • Versatility:Adaptable to any areas and load capacities based on a variety of sizes for beams and support bars. This professional system with a high modularity allows using metal shelves or chipboard panels as loading level.
  • Uses: Warehouses, workshops and industry.