Yes, you are reading this correctly. Forklift Services and Handling Equipment Ltd. can supply our customers with Explosion Proof Forklifts. You can just see it now, The Navy Seals or even James Bond arriving to the baddies lair in an explosion proof forklift to rescue the beautiful maiden in distress. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Who knew our forklifts could be cooler than James Bonds Aston Martin ?

The above is all of course totally feasible but not really the reason behind us making explosion proof forklifts available to our customers.

We recently supplied numerous explosion proof forklifts to amongst others,  Pfizer Ireland.



ATEX stands for : Atmosphères Explosives, the European guidelines for a safe and healthy working environment ruling regulation since 1 July 2003. ATEX is subdivided into two guidelines: ATEX 137 and ATEX 95.

The ATEX guideline applies to all places where explosions can take place. This guideline came into effect on 1 March 1996. There is a transitional period untill 30 July 2003. The guideline has a wide area of operation and includes gas explosion hazard as well as dust explosion hazard.

Businesses have been dealing with the European Framework guideline 89/391/EEG named: “Safety and health of employees at the workplace”, since 1989. In 1999 this framework guideline has been added to with the 15th guideline: “Protection of employees in peril due to explosive atmospheres” (1992/92/EG). This guideline is more commonly known as ATEX 137.

The product guideline 94/9/EG “Devices and security systems placed where explosions can take place” was also added. The latter is more commonly known as ATEX 95.

These two guidelines are intended to ensure the safety and health of employees in areas where explosions may take place. ATEX 95 contributes to free trade within the EU for materials and security systems which are used in these areas.

This is another example of how we at Forklift Services and Handling Equipment often go above and beyond what many would class as the norm for our customers. Put simply if you require an application, for whatever purpose we can supply it.

Below will give you and idea of what goes into making a forklift explosion proof.

The Forklift is ordered from Yale as per the application. This will determine the size, the lift capacity, lift height and any other number of options that the customer has instructed us that they will need. Once the Forklift arrives here in Cork it is then handed over to our very own Q department.

Essentially anything that may cause a spark and therefore an explosion has to be encased or made safe.

Finished Article, looks normal. Is anything but.