Fleet Management

Here are just a few of the reasons why some of the most challenging and biggest manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies in the world rely on Yale Fleet Management for forklift and lift truck fleet operations:

  • Focusing on core busines
  • Improving operational efficiency.
  • Eliminating repair and maintenance worries.
  • Saving money.

Few things can seem less clear than your materials handling picture. Purchase price, financing fork lift trucks, repairs, downtime, maintenance, operator training, administration, retiring aging equipment – and much more – contribute to a complex, ever-changing and potentially profit-draining operation.


Yale Fleet Management can help bring it all into focus. With over 80 years of materials handling know-how, more than a decade of fleet management wisdom and a dealer network averaging over 27 years of industry experience, Yale Fleet Management guarantees we can save you money right away with the Yale Fleet Challenge.

Then, we’ll create efficiencies and cost savings that you’ll see month after month, year after year. Ready to turn your materials handling operations over to a pro ? Go with the market leader!