It’s with great pride that we are today announcing our intention to take part in the inaugural Forkula 1 Racing series.

This worldwide Forklift racing competition is to follow on the coat tails of the popular MotoGp series, which will see events take place as far away as Qatar, Argentina, Japan and of course the USA. The races will be run on the same days as the Moto GP races acting as warm up to the main event.

The competition however will be real. With racing expected to be Fork to Fork from beginning to end.  This exciting development in the world of Forklifts aims to reach new audiences and show people that there is more to Forklifts than might meet the eye. The backing of high profile sponsors such as Red Bull and Repsol have halso given a real sense that Forkula 1 is going to be taken seriously.


Nine time Moto GP World Champion Valentino Rossi was quoted today ” I theenk eet is a reeally cool idea, and I am reeeally excited for the fans as thees eez a new and exciting racing serieeez and they weel get to see eet first” he also made a quip at the expense of Title Rival Marq Marquez  “he has been falling off so much lately having lots of macheens to peek heem up eez no harm”

Yale Ireland have been front runners in developing the racing forklift. For 2016 all racers will use a highly developed and modified V8 Yale Veracitor GLP50VX. More manufacturers have also expressed an interest in also building their own racing Forklifts as they expect the global audience the take warmly to this new racing series.  As always Bernie Eccelstone has acquired the gloabl TV Rights to Forkula 1.

Customers can certainly expect a massive increase in productivity as the evolution of Yale Racing Forklifts means that Technology used in the racing Yale’s is expected to drip feed down to the normal market leading machines.


Forkula 1 its here, its real, its Racing. Call us today on 1890-435500 (Lo-Call) – Let us give your business the lift it needs