VM – 4 Wheel Electric


Capacity 4000kg, 4500kg, 5000kg
Tyres Supercushion
Power 48 volt system, Yale AC Technology


The new ERP40-50VM is designed with high residual capacity and rigid construction to ensure fast, stable load handling and high productivity in arduous applications, such as timber, automotive, paper/pulp, beverage handling and breweries / distilleries.


  • 80V dual front wheel drive with AC motors throughout (hoist/steer and traction) deliver a competitive top speed of 20km/h and lift speed of 0.42m/s to meet the requirements of intensive applications where speed is of the essence
  • Strong construction and proven components ensure long term reliability and durability e.g. VSM (Vehicle system manager), O-ring face seal fittings, AC motors, sealed electrical connectors
  • Easy three-point access with grab-handle and low step, integrated mini-lever module (controls hydraulics from armrest), high mounted multi feature dash display and lowest Whole Body Vibration (WBV) levels for optimum operator comfort

More Details

  • Compact truck dimensions usually mean for a cramped operator compartment but by using dual drive motors and the Extended Steering Axle, the Yale VM is class leading in manoeuvrability and operator comfort
  • Supercushion tyres for a comfortable ride over rough terrain, the Extended Steering Axle for maximum manoeuvrability & the excellent working aisle width of 4161mm deliver excellent operational flexibility
  • eLo & HiP performance settings deliver the ‘eBalance’ of performance and energy consumption
  • Industry-leading serviceability with intelligent on-board diagnostics, with 1000 hours / 6 months service interval