MO20, MO25, MO50T

MO20, MO25, MO50T

Capacity 2000kg, 2500kg, (5000kg)
Operation Low level order picker (and tow tractor)
Power Yale AC Technology
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  • Nominal capacity up to 2500kg and 48 different forks options, enabling the truck to be configured to suit the varying operational requirements of a vast range of applications
  • Max travel speed up to 13km/h reduces traveling time between docking and picking areas
  • Two different lifting cabs (980mm and 1500mm) facilitate 2nd level picking
  • Scooter control keeps operator inside the truck footprint while improving truck controllability, as well as reducing fatigue, when compared to servo power steering and tiller arm mechanical steering
  • Solid frame construction and reliable components ensure long-term reliability and durability
  • Fully enclosed, AC drive motor with in-built thermal protection and 2 battery sizes (465Ah and 620Ah) contribute to high productivity and lower costs of operation


  • Low level order picking
  • Infrequent 2nd level picking
  • Intensive and high throughput picking operation
  • Transporting heavy double full pallet loads
  • Tow tractor has been designed to pull loads up to 5000kg and is ideal for line feed operations in manufacturing applications