MP20S, MP30S

MP20S, MP30S

Capacity 2000kg, 3000kg
Description Seated rider pallet truck
Power MOSFET and SEM traction control
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Performance with efficiency

  • Combi MOSFET traction controller for stepless progressive speed control, automatic release braking, regenerative braking and speed reduction when cornering
  • Combi MOSFET pump control for efficient hydraulic operation
  • SEM drive motor technology for high performance travel speeds and superior speed control especially on an incline
  • Automatic release braking and antirollback

Operator comfort

  • Adjustable low effort steering wheel control (electronic fly by wire) providing rapid manoeuvring capability complete with steer wheel position indicator
  • Side stance operator’s position for optimum visibility in both travel directions
  • Lift/lower and horn buttons conveniently located for fingertip operation


  • Medium/ heavy-duty load handling
  • Lorry loading and unloading
  • Ramp work
  • Horizontal transport over long distances
  • Extended/multi-shift operation