MTC10 / MTC13 / MTC15

MTC10, MTC13, MTC15

Capacity 1000kg, 1300kg, 1500kg
Description Man up turret truck
Power Yale AC Technology
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  • Transistororised MOSFET AC traction control with regenerative braking, pump control and steering
  • Proportional lowering control with regenerative lowering
  • Integrated dashboard display with battery discharge indicator
  • Adjustable control console (height / tilt / angle)
  • Rotating seat with auto-centring and locking position
  • Multi-function display with menu and keypad
  • Simultaneous, independent, proportional control of hydraulic movements
  • Weight scale indicator and continuous sensing of speed to height to weight ratios
  • Rotator width 210mm
  • Flashing beacon on rear cover and under cabin
  • Battery rollers
  • 1980mm Auxiliary lift (H9)
  • Non skip floor mat with integral foot pedal
  • Triform or Quad form mast.


  • Lift limit with two overrides and one stop
  • Return to centre steering
  • Pre-height selector
  • Cold store to – 40ºC
  • Cold store cabin enclosure
  • Hydraulics fork positioner
  • RFDT terminal mounting bracket
  • Mirrors
  • Operator password entry


  • Very narrow aisles applications
  • Unit load handling
  • Order picking
  • High storage density
  • Mid to very high lift heights

Guidance Options

  • Wire guidance
  • Rail guidance